Project Description

Make the best chat app ever with our beautiful Chat iOS App

Our Real-time Chat iOS App to jump-start the development of your own chat social app. Inspired by Messenger design, our app is integrated with the Firebase Messaging backend system, to provide real-time scalable chat functionality for iOS apps. The application is working end-to-end .

Build your own Messenger clone, Whatsapp clone or a clone of Line or iMessage . Written in Apple’s modern language, Swift.

Add a full chat functionality to your existing iOS app. Integrate the chat into an existing app that’s using Storyboards.

What are the features of this Chat App?
  • Save thousands of dollars, spent on designers & developers.
  • Launch today, instead of 6 months from now. Stay ahead of your competitors by moving fast.
  • Save energy & frustration, by not having to deal with hiring, firing, prototyping, designing, development, testing, bug-fixing, optimizing, etc. Take a look at the list of features to get an idea of the amount of effort you’ll need to invest by starting from scratch.
  • Quality – our apps have been designed and developed by former Twitter & Facebook senior engineers. You get the best possible quality, in terms of design, code, optimizations, scalability and customer support.

App Features

  • 1-1 Private Chats
  • Group Chat
  • Photo Messages
  • Video Messages
  • Audio Messages (Recorded messages)
  • Firebase Backend
  • Push Notifications
  • Login with Face ID / Touch ID
  • Sign in with Apple
  • Dark Mode support
  • Typing Indicators
  • Online Status
  • Haptics Feedback
  • Loading States
  • Text Messages
  • Group Creation
  • Friends Search
  • Friendship Management (Add Friend, Accept Friend Request, Cancel Friend Request)
  • Photo Camera integration
  • Friends Graph Implementation
  • Facebook Login
  • Email & Password Authentication
  • Real-time updates & real-time messaging
  • Emoji Support
  • Profile Photo Uploads with Firebase Storage
  • Settings Screen
  • Account Details Screen
  • Profile Screen
  • Full-Screen Photo Viewer with Zoom In / Out
  • Stories Format for friends
  • Auto Formatting URLs
  • URL Click Handling
  • Renaming groups
  • Leaving Groups
  • Empty States
  • Firebase Auth & Firebase Database Firestore
  • Firebase Storage integration
  • “Save Password” functionality
  • Reporting & Blocking Users and Content, conforming to Apple’s Guidelines

Other Advantages

  • Optimized for all iPhone & iPad devices, including iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR
  • Compatible with all iOS versions, including iOS 12 and iOS 13
  • Built with the latest version of Xcode
  • Made with the latest version of Swift
  • Conforms to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for quick App Store approval
  • The source code is highly modularized and extremely clean, to make any further customizations trivial