About us

Tasali Limited was established in 2016 as a provider of software solutions to the EU and EEA regions. Since then, the company has developed and launched over 50 successful software products, serving over 5 million users in the EU and EEA markets.

Working with partners and clients, our objective is to enable the ability to innovate and adopt novel technologies like Artificial intelligence at affordable and competitive rates.

Our value propositions

We are flexible

We provide consultancy, sub-contracting, outsourcing and partnerships which vary in terms of their size, scope and duration.

We are discreet

Our services are provided under NDAs, with complete discretion. We do not share our clients list, portfolio nor disclose any details.

We are adaptable

Our multi-disciplinary domain expertise co-applied with design thinking allows us to deliver ‘out of the box’ solutions that meets our customer’s need – a successful outcome.

We are technology agnostic

We are not affiliated with any particular technology provider or vendor. We offer solutions based on whatever technology we deem best suited.


We apply industry standard project management methodologies (Agile, Prince2) and best practises in software development.

What we do

Our mission is to provide best-in- class services to our clients by helping them to meet their goals through great services, efficient algorithms, and state-of-the-art solutions. We adapt the latest strategies and tools.

Facebook Messenger Bots

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The perfect customer service employee

Creating bots that can interact with your users is the next step in social media trends.

It’s using future technologies today.

Custom mobile games

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The right tool to get market axposure

Taking advantage of the high popularity of mobile platforms games to gain more exposure among different user ages opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Facebook Instant Games

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Attracting young audiences

Using Facebook Instant Games with all the social tools they provide is the perect combination of social media, and games, to give you a new dimention of exposure.

Mobile App Development

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Amazing App Features

We develop high-end mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. With our smart work, we help you do your business with just using fingertips.

Web Development

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Amazing Web apps For Your Business

We develop the best web applications. With our front-end and back-end experience, we can deliver web applications that work on all devices, solving all kinds of problems.

Data Analytics

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The most valuable skill in the modern world

Today, data is the most valuable currency an organisation can have. Our analytics skills allows you to get more value from your data, giving you an advantage over competition.


Mobile Games Development


Tasali Limited has extensive experience in designing and developing highly optimised software solutions across all platforms (cloud and mobile). Our multi-disciplinary approach combines the latest in machine learning (AI) with data integration and parallel programming to provide quality and high performing, scalable solutions in real-time.

  • Machine learning
  • Bots
  • Mobile applications
  • Streaming platforms
  • etc

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Skills We Use

Technologies (Node.js, React js, Swift, etc) 99%
User Interface 99%
App Design 99%
Machine learning 99%
Cloud Hosting (Firebase, AWS, ..) 99%









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