About Tasali

Tasali is a leading game development and publisher company focusing on the MENA region that is considered one of the fasted growing yet underserved markets. The smartphones high penetration rate of 60% (compared to a 28% of global average) in the MENA illustrates by itself the great opportunity such market has. This is also confirmed by the facts that Arabic is the 4th most spoken language yet there are less than 2K Arabic games in the market compared to 400K in English. Tasali is formed to unlock these opportunities in the MENA market and help other games developers to reach this market with ease and trust. In addition to developing our own games, we also offer publishing and App Store Optimisation services to help others reach new users in this market.

  • Culture Aware Localisation
  • Arabic Voice Over and Script
  • App Store Optimisation
  • Monetisation Consultancy
  • Similar Games Cross Promotion
  • Efficient Marketing Methods 

Recent Projects